Afiq M SS16 at KLFW: A collection of Women Empowerment

It’s not easy coming from a small town in Negeri Sembilan and wanting to make it big in this fashion capital but that’s exactly what Afiq M is doing. The young man behind the brand, all the way from his kampung in Rembau that first dreamed of becoming an elite fashion designer is indeed living this very lustrous dream.

Afiq Mohamed officially first made this dream come true, only a year ago in 2014. Though the brand has been active in the Malaysian fashion scene since 2011 with numerous pocket collections but he believes that 2014 is really when Afiq M was actually born.

“It has never been easy but if there’s one thing Mak thought me, it is to keep your head high and keep trying.” The woman he calls mom or fondly known as Mak, is the main inspiration behind the start, and in fact the core in all his designs we see today. The single mother who raised a family of 5 all on her own is the reason for the brand’s daring, unconventional approach in it’s designs.

Afiq believes that the strength of his mother is something that is within every women. As a brand, Afiq M is about representing the energy in women, the inner beauty that all women possess but need an extra boost that unleashes her queen within.

During the brand’s debut in KLFW in 2014, most classified the collection as a brave approach yet extremely risky for the Malaysian market but as a designer, Afiq wanted to challenge these very statements.

Afiq M returns in 2015 with a specific inspiration behind the collection today - the Afiq M Ladies. The collection is a representation of the ladies that are apart of his daily life. Models, girlfriends and some he even calls sisters are frequently in clean white shirts and there was just a bursting aura of beauty and confidence in the pieces they wore. Fast forward to an abundance of heart felt thought and talent, the Afiq M SS16 was carefully designed to showcase today at KLFW 2015.

12 pieces of outfits that brings something fresh to the runway of KLFW. Afiq M SS16 promises pieces that are chic, structured yet has a touch of fluidity with fabrics full of movements, soft layering and clean tailoring in the pieces showcased. There was also huge consideration on the comfort of the daily Afiq M Lady by emphasising on fabric like crepe, chiffon, and cotton.

Although Afiq M designs have been deemed, too controversial or too sexy, he wants women to feel sexy, to feel comfortable in their own skin and of course in a piece of Afiq M. The designs in a nutshell aims to strive for women empowerment and ensure that women out there believe in themselves and are confident as soon as they don a piece of Afiq M.

Credits to : White Noise Projects

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